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The Therapist

Donald Barnett MT018201

I am a licensed Massage Therapist on the west side of Fort Worth Texas.

I have developed a massage technique that can provide relief and correct Scoliosis.

As of January 2017 I have worked on over 95 people with Scoliosis and have been successful at providing some relief and in many cases a complete correction of the spine.

I apply this technique with a few modifications to alleviate all back problems including fibromyalgia and some arthritis. Other conditions I have relieved using my technique are release frozen shoulder, correcting turned in or out feet, loosening stiff neck, diminish painful knee among other conditions. If the client is suffering from a skeletal muscular problem, the application of this technique can liberate the client from pain.

Most people's pain comes from spasming muscles, which is an over tight muscle that does not usually pulsate, and tight connective tissue. By relieving the spasms and tight connective tissue then stretching the muscles, I usually alleviate the client's pain after only one massage. If the muscles have been tight for a while, it can take a few massages for the afflicted muscles to remain loose, due to muscle memory. I implement a combination of Swedish, sports, trigger point, myofascia, reflexology and orthopaedic-pain management in each massage. My technique can generate some minor discomfort during the session.

My book Don Barnett's Scoliosis Relief as applied by a Massage Therapist, is for sale as a down load through "pay pal" for $10.00. It is 15 letter size pages. I did not include all the nonessential information and got right to the problem and how to correct it. (For example: The posterior hips will not be level side to side on people with scoliosis. This will cause the spine to tilt sideways, then bend back to try to straighten the back, which will cause scoliosis). I also discuss the cause and prevention of this problem.

I am looking for young people with extreme scoliosis for a research project. Interested candidate should present with a spinal curvature so great that it is apparent from across the room, at a glance. As I would like to test my technique even further on a younger and more severe cases than I have had the opportunity to apply my skills to as yet. Though I cannot pay, the test subject will receive free massages and a lot of relief. If the client is under the age of 17 a parent or adult guardian must be present during the massage.

I have devoliped a device that a person can use on themselfs that relieves most tight muscles in the back. I call it Don's Knob-Er, I have two versions, one is mounted on the wall, the other is portable. They have a cord to move them up and down so you can work on any part of your back by somply leaning on it. They are hand made out of wood, the wall mount one is $50. the portable one is $25. For more information or to order one call the phone# below, or come by.

Donald E. Barnett L.M.T.

3446 Williams Rd.

Benbrook Tx. 76116

Phone 817-905-3103